I became interested in photography just before the start of the Iraq war. I was an Infantry Marine once, though these days I look less like a heavy lifter, more like a heavy reader.  I made it home with a small box of exposed film and a decent idea of what I was to pursue in life .  A little more than a decade later, I'm pleased to say things have worked out for the best.

     My wife and I are newly minted parents.  Our son Lucian is constantly fussed over by our aging pup, "The Goose".  We all live together in a little craftsman house on a tree-lined street in Old Town Orange, about 40 minutes from DTLA.  

     I keep a studio nearby but find myself shooting about half my work on location in Los Angeles, where you might also find me teaching photography at the graduate level or maybe just eating tacos on the sidewalk.   

     If you’d like to discuss your photography needs, or get some tacos, or both, you should call me.  I'll answer.

714.867.7299 Office  714.686.4643 Mobile